Julie Harron Illustrations was founded by Julie Harron, a watercolour artist from a small village called Dromara in Northern Ireland with her husband Kyle and her two beautiful children Nathan & Bethany.  She specialises in family portraits & keepsake illustrations. She grew up in the countryside and her memories of childhood are based around playing outside and having freedom to explore. She tries to replicate this sense of fun & freedom in her illustrations. 

When she was little, her parents were quite laid back and encouraged her to do what made her happy. This, coupled with her husbands endless encouragement, continued support and with Julie's passion for her business has helped Julie Harron illustrations become a reality since 2020. 


Julie suffers from numerous autoimmune diseases, which effects her energy levels and she experiences pain all over her body each day. She explains a little bit about her story below:

"After 4 years of deteriorating health I had to leave my job. After a lot of praying and the realisation that my life as I knew it would have to change, this was a bitter pill for me to swallow and left me with a lot more questions than answers of what my future held. 

A dear friend knowing I had extra time on my hands and eager to keep my mind busy when my body needed a rest, told me about a local art group in Dromara.  I immediately signed up... even though I could barely draw a stick man (apparently that didn't matter).  It was here I was introduced to watercolours and shown the basics by an elderly man called Charlie who took me under his wing.  He even gave me my very first watercolour paints and paper to get practising with. 

My son has additional needs and in the evenings would come to life and find it hard to go to sleep.  I didn't want the T.V. on as it would over stimulate him and make bedtime even more difficult than normal. This is when I began spending my evenings looking up Pinterest and began practising my drawing technique and would bring what I had drawn to the art group on a Tuesday to paint the following week.  

I then began to paint illustrations for my family and friends and then considered opening my own business which I am delighted to say is really beginning to grow.  I am so humbled that people like my work and are happy to support my business by buying illustrations which will hopefully be a part of their homes for many years to come.  

At the moment I am also working towards a career in children's book illustrations which would be an absolute dream of mine to see my work published and in the hands of little ones, keen and eager to learn. so if anyone needs an illustrator for that purpose I would love love love to hear from you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this if you have got this far and I hope it lets you know a little bit more about me and my story."

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