Julie Harron Illustrations was founded by Julie Harron, a watercolour artist from a small village called Dromara in Northern Ireland with her husband Kyle and her two beautiful children Nathan & Bethany.  

Julie has always loved stationery,

"There's just something about the process of slowing down and writing with pen and paper that is both timeless and poetic. Coupled with fine quality products and aesthetically pleasing tools, I think it can brighten and make any desk that little bit more enjoyable. Not to mention the humble note.  Is there anything nicer than an unexpected handwritten note or card left for you to read by someone who cares.

Technology is crucial to all aspects of running my business and I never take the speed and how it allows me to work efficiently for granted.  However where technology is central to all of my work processes, there is so much beauty in each of our unique forms of handwriting which excites me.  You can instantly recognise a loved ones handwriting, something that doesn't come through in the fonts chosen on your software. 

I have always appreciated all things handmade, handwritten, and with the knowledge that something has been lovingly penned or made for me when I receive it never fails to evoke emotion. These are just some of the reasons why I enjoy and appreciate stationery so much"

When Julie's health deteriorated to the point she could no longer work a 'regular job' she was introduced to a local art club where she was introduced to watercolours. 

Julie's son has additional needs and found it difficult to sleep when he was younger so any additional stimulation like the noise of the TV being on in the evenings would have kept him awake.  She took to Pinterest to occupy her time and taught herself how to draw from tutorials on this app and from the skills learned at her local art club  (Julie says she could barely draw a stick man prior to this)  after months of perseverance she began painting personalised illustrations and then expanded her business by designing her own stationery based on her original watercolour paintings.

Having the flexibility to work around her family is so important and Julie is extremely grateful for those who support her business which in turn allows her to work part time from her home.


Thank you for taking the time to read this if you have got this far and I hope it lets you know a little bit more about me and my story."

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