Northern Irish Slang and their meanings.

This post is definitely not exhaustive of Northern Irish sayings (I mean we do have ALOT), I may expand this series n the future however, who knows.  

I would also like to point out that all of these Northern Irish sayings are available to buy as prints from my website

For now though lets get down to what on earth these Northern Irish Phrases mean:

                                                #1: 'Keep 'er lit'


Keep 'er lit means: Keep going. Don't stop.  This phrase is used as encouragement. 
#2: 'Cheeky Slabber'
Cheeky Slabber means: Someone who is mouthy, and can be arrogant or annoying.  A cheeky Slabber is someone who has usually said something offensive and this phrase is used to describe them.  
#3: Melter
Melter means: A person that continually annoys or irritates someone else, usually verbally.  
#4: Clean Boggin'
Clean Boggin' means: dirty, disgusting, gross.  Can be used to describe people e.g. 'That wee (small) fella down the road is 'clean boggin' (Not to their taste/ gross).
#5: Bout Ye
Bout Ye means: How are you?  This phrase is used as a greeting.  
#6: She's some Yoke
She's some yoke means: A yoke can be referred to as a person or a thing.  To be described as 'some yoke' means you're an awesome person. 
#7: Foundered
Foundered means: Cold, Chilly, Freezing.  (This phrase basically sums up how people from Northern Ireland feel 80% of the year with our wet, damp weather).
#8: Lazy Hallion
Lazy Hallion means: A disreputable or useless lout.  Can also be used as an affectionate term e.g. "He's a wee Hallion" (Rascal).


#9: Scundered


Scundered means: This Phrase has a dual meaning depending on what part of Northern Ireland you live.

In Belfast & surrounding areas this word means 'embarrassed' but in Mid-Ulster it means 'annoyed/frustrated'.

#10: Yeoooo

Yeoooo means: Technically this saying should feature more 'ooooo's' than I have included because this phrase can linger on a bit.

This is a personal favourite of mine, as we use this phrase often in our family.  This phrase is most commonly used as a reaction to good news. e.g. 'I got paid today....Yeoooo!' or 'Holidays started today...Yeoooo!'


#11: Quare Craic

Quare Craic means: 'Quare' usually means 'a lot' or 'good'

and 'Craic' usually refers to fun or laugh.

So if someone is 'Quare Craic' it usually means they are a lot of fun. 


 #12: Buck Eejit

Buck Eejit means: A term of endearment used to describe someone who is silly or a bit of an idiot.